Hospitality Management Services

Hotel Administration

With our extensive suite of administration resources, every property can execute daily functions and fulfill long-term goals with complete confidence and the greatest of ease.

Centralized Accounting & Payroll

Centralized Accounting & Payroll

  • Strong owner and partners communication
  • Accurate and timely reports
  • Professional payroll services and reports
  • Supports each business, every day, approachable, flexible, customized to needs, online reports
  • Timely operational decisions based on asset performance
  • Strong financial controls and cost benchmarking
  • Zero-based budgeting
  • Internal audit – to ensure proper procedures are maintained at the properties
  • Professional payroll services and reports
  • General IT support and troubleshooting
  • Annual and long-term capital planning


  • Review and advise on operating contracts
  • Provide feedback and solutions to any EEOC and/or DOL matters
  • Keep owners and partners up to date on legal matters
  • Monitor and advise on franchisor relations
  • Provide expertise in reviewing and facilitating financings or re-financings
  • Review and advise on any zoning or municipal matters
  • Review and advise on any major renovation, PIP or refurbishment project
Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Procurement Services
Parker International, LLC

Tax Services
Bernard-Robinson & Company

Advertising & Marketing
MDG Advertising

Legal Services & Unemployment

Benefit Administration
Bene-Care Excellus

Payroll Services
USA Payroll

Capital Project Mgmt.
Cap Ex Solutions

IT Support
Your Help Desk, Inc.(South)
Just Solutions (North)

Public Relations
Hawkins International Public Relations

Hotel Liability Insurance
Brown & Brown

Background Screening & Drug Testing
Star Systems

Retirement Benefits (401k)
Wright Administrators

Seagate Hospitality Group